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Chemical Guys 16-Piece Wash Kit Raffle

50  Coins

2 lucky winners will be chosen on June 30, 2020.

Keep your car looking like new with this car wash kit from Chemical Guys.

Upgrade to the Chemical Guys car wash bucket kit with foam blaster 6 foam Gun, and find out the professional Detailer's secret to the perfect scratch-free shine at every car wash. The car wash bucket kit with foam Gun is the perfect combination of products to give any first-timer, hardcore enthusiast, or professional detailer the perfect car wash every time.

This kit includes: Butter wet wax, honeydew snow foam, Diablo wheel gel, Silk shine dressing, Glass cleaner, Speed wipe detailer, Detailing bucket, Cyclone dirt trap, Torq foam cannon, Microfiber wash mitt, Short handle brush, 4 Microfiber towels & an applicator.

50 coins per entry. Participants can have multiple entries.