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How To Earn

How to Play

We love your drive to get the intel you need to provide excellent customer service. Rev It Up with Hunter and FX Luminaire lets you learn new facts throughout 2020 and earn coins to accelerate toward awesome prizes!

Each week, you have the opportunity to answer Hunter and FX Luminaire trivia questions. You will earn coins for each correct answer that you can exchange for awesome prizes! New questions will be posted every Monday and disappear the following Monday, so be sure to log in regularly to maximize your earning potential.

Make sure to use all the available clues to choose the correct answer. If you answer a question incorrectly, you can try again, but only for half the coins.

More Opportunities to Earn Coins

Be on the lookout for bonus Pit Stops to earn extra coins. These tasks will periodically appear on the homepage. Complete them before they disappear to earn coins! Check with your local Sales Managers for additional opportunities to earn coins in your region.

Redeem Your Coins

Visit the Redeem Coins page to spend your coins on prizes, risk your coins in a TurboCharged raffle, or donate them to a special cause!

Learn more on the FAQ & Rules page.